27 April - 21 May 2011, Tacit Contemporaty Art

Midsumma Festival is again presenting a program of visual arts exhibitions which will entertain, educate and inspire. Scapes at 69 Smith Street, part of the Yarra Arts program is a group exhibition that explores a broad range of landscapes, soundscapes and visual scapes through a number of different mediums including photography, sculpture, installation, printing and painting or anything else that an artist may conceive, all with the intent to take the viewer on a journey, and show them the world from an abnormal or differing perspective.

“How the artists have conveyed this theme has been a privilege to be a part of and watch develop. We have photographers exploring themes of surrealism and high end commercial photography, beautiful hand created lino prints and colourful urban cityscapes sit next to the pixelated digital world, and finally tiny little worlds engage the viewer while other larger worlds invite the viewer to walk through and explore”, explains Midsumma Visual Arts Curator, Rat Simpson.

T.J.Bateson’s work, Temporal Pixel, is a celebration and reflection of his obsession with beauty within a digital pixelated world. It responds to the distance between an artist’s mark and the digitisation of contemporary imaging and thought, seeing a return to a modernist aesthetic whereby T.J.Bateson manually celebrates form and colour.

From the abstract to the surreal, Twisted Melbourne is an interpretation of all the beautiful colours, textures and movement of this dynamic city. Christos Nikopoulos creates an array of abstract or surreal art that absorb the curious. His dynamic expressions of everyday experiences take the viewer to a new perspective of the world. The longer you look into each piece of art, the more you will see!

Melbourne is more than just a home for Rat Simpson – it’s her playground and inspiration for this series of work. Melbourne 2010 is a collection of urban landscapes created by the hand of an urban artist to reveal Melbourne’s culture, vibrant colours and true beauty.

Alexis Herbert Townsend’s I Walked Here draws from eighteen months of travelling through North America and Europe, exploring the local neighbourhoods of big cities. Alexis is influenced by years of Japanese sumi-e painting and an interest in decorative design. These cities are landmarks on Alexis’ own queer journey.

Man-made structures have always been an integral part of modern day living. They house and support a myriad of different aspects of our lives. Rarely are they appreciated for their aesthetics and presence in our current landscapes. These striking digital photographs by Roger Ungers showcase the beautiful and fascinating structures that surround us today.

Also featuring works from Mtoklo and Alli Sebastian Wolf.

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