Gallery High 445

After completing my studies in Fine Art and Visual Arts, I set up a studio in Thornbury and continued to work towards my next show. This show was over three years in the making as I managed to squeezed in a BA in Teaching with Honours

1PALIMPSEST 01 FIN copy 1PALIMPSEST 01 FIN 2PALIMPSEST 02 FIN copy 2PALIMPSEST 02 FIN 3PALIMPSEST Large Drawing 01 Detail copy 3PALIMPSEST Large Drawing 01 Detail 4PALIMPSEST Large Drawing 01 copy 4PALIMPSEST Large Drawing 01 8PALIMPSEST-Drawing 04 copy 8PALIMPSEST-Drawing 04 5PALIMPSEST-Drawing 01 copy 5PALIMPSEST-Drawing 01 6PALIMPSEST-Drawing 02 copy 6PALIMPSEST-Drawing 02 7PALIMPSEST-Drawing 03 copy 7PALIMPSEST-Drawing 03